Finding my footing, Danté, grad school and realizing yet another performance

  • Danté and I watched Judah: The Black Messiah and recorded our reaction to it.
  • I had my first music theory class where the discussion wasn’t even fundamentals, but right next to the fundamentals, so I feel a bit behind.
  • I’m in the thick of the first Sun Ra reading for the class which is just 50 pages but it seems like forever.
  • What did I come here to do again? And,
  • how can I stay focused, while at the same time being exposed to all this newness that’s changing me oh my god is it changing me?
  • Why are we afraid to touch? To spill into each other?
  • Are we afraid of finding out we’re made up of things we’re not proud of? Or that we can’t explain? Or that we didn’t know was there?




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