…it might not be right but it’s mine.

I think the word is as alienating as it is because it embodies a contradiction we’d rather forget. Not just non-Blacks. Not just people who aren’t Afro-Southern like me. All of us. Citizens of America and the globe alike.

And healing it…

When you hear a sound and that shit “hit?!” That’s truth. Now a question after that is: is that truth telling us about something that hurts, and therefore something worth healing?

Yes, maybe it is enough to relate. But when we’re relating on something that no longer serves us, that moment of realization begs us to muster up the courage to sit with that truth, what it means for our relationships, and whether we want to create something else, something different next time.

How did I support my creative process today?

— I talked to Caleen about dance and the blues in literature, among other things.

— I played my Summer Walker album on vinyl

— transcribed to music

How do I want to spend the rest of my day to support my…

What about what I accomplished today is gonna help me tomorrow?

— I gave myself more time to recover from the booster side effects by rescheduling my tidy session and my lunch meeting

— I kept my dental appointment so that I can stay healthy

— I found the chord…

I’m starting to fray at the ends a little bit. I like hiiiiiiiiiiiimmmmmmmmmaaaaaa! Ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! This is very difficult. He can just go in and out of these intense moments like it’s nothing and I…hugs are treacherous things. I feel like he can see me foaming at the mouth…jesus this is…

Pisces in the 6th House

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